Zigger Endurance


Able to cure the symptom of premature ejaculation permanently and help control the ejaculation as needed. The result will be visible 3 days after usage.



Zigger Endurance

Herbal capsules to help with premature ejaculation, Zigger Endurance

Quantity : 10 capsules
Direction: Take 1 capsule, 1 time per day, after meal.
Purpose of Zigger Endurance: Use to cure the symptom of premature ejaculation permanently, for those who want to ejaculate longer as well as increase the strength and endurance
Warning : Do not use with patients with liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or heart disease

Brief product information :

Able to cure the symptom of premature ejaculation permanently and help control the ejaculation as needed. The result will be visible 3 days after usage.

Unbelievable high endurance and strength (May take 1-3 days depend on each individual)

If anyone would like to increase their endurance and strength, do try this supplement and you will not be disappoint. The result will be visible since the first set.

Zigger Endurance, higher endurance and strength, for the happiness of every couple

This endurance supplement will be able to unbelievably help with the premature ejaculation. It is suitable for those who would like to extend the time and slow down the ejaculation.

Zigger Endurance will not help in erection, it is suitable for those with premature ejaculation problem only.  The ingredients of Zigger Endurance will concern with the premature ejaculation problem only, the more you consume, the higher endurance you will be.

This endurance supplement is considered as a pride for the shop owner to be able to sell the product that is high in quality and safe as well as show great results. It has been sold in the market for over 5 years, the clinic regarding sexual ability in Thailand that is well known also use the same supplement. But, we do not need to pay for the location to sell our product, so we are able to sell it in much cheaper price.

Quantity of 1 bottle of Zigger Endurance:  10 capsules


In the first 3 days, take 2 capsules daily, after that take 1 capsule daily, after meal (can be adjust to morning) continuously for 3 days, then test if we have increased our endurance, but if it is not up to the level we prefer, we are able to take 1 capsule continuously.

** During the period of taking the supplement, if there is no activity occurring on the day, try to masturbate so it will increase the chance to cure the premature ejaculation permanently and try to control your ejaculation to slow down as much as you possibly can.

Warning: Do not use with patients with heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease and diabetes.
Frequently asked questions and answers:

What would happen if I stop taking Zigger Endurance?

– You will get back to the usual state in 3-4 days after stop taking the supplement. But if you continue taking it for more than 4 months, you will have up to 80% chance of permanently cured from the symptom.

What if I don’t have time to take the supplement in the evening, is it possible to take it other time?

– The supplement can be taken after breakfast, but it is not advice to take during lunch.

What is the side effect of Zigger Endurance?

– Our supplement is considered very safe. The only side effect could be a loss of appetite, but if we take the supplement after dinner, we will be able to reduce the side effect by lots.

Is the Zigger Endurance, an herbal supplement?

– It is an herbal formula that has been researched and registered as a supplement. It is very safe and has been approved by FDA.

Can I take the capsule with the alcoholic beverage?

– Yes you can, but you must spare time for 6 hours; such as if you drink alcohol at 10 a.m., you can take the supplement after 4 p.m., or if you take the supplement at 10 a.m., you may drink alcohol after 4 p.m.


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