Our shop has policy to promote relationship in family, create happiness, warmth and new experience to life. Your marriage life will be smooth, happy and will not cause any social problems. Moreover, it helps to decrease sexually transmitted disease and divorce problem.

Our shop only distributes legal products.  We do not have intention of making pornography or obscenity to provoke the youths or public.

All products are manufactured from the best natural herb without chemical substance. Our premium products are acceptable worldwide with the certification to guarantee the 100% safety.

The customers can ensure that all products on our website are well-selected.

We truly hope that we will be the one to take care your happiness.

Thank you very much to all valued customers.

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YAVIG.COM Best Sellers

  • OMG Zinc Amino


    Zinc vitamin, nourish and restore the body from the tiredness For better skin health, reduce the acne allergy, oily face, and scars from acne Help with the process in creating new skin cells Help heal wounds faster, internally and externally Promote the male sexual ability Increase male hormone

  • One Touch Mixx 3 Condom


    One Touch Mixx 3 is a condom with a size of 52 mm. It has a rough surface with line on the top and knot on the bottom. It does not have any flavor, but it consists of lubricant.  The advantage of this condom is it is especially designed to stimulate the G-spot of every…

  • Zigger Professional


    Use to stimulate the erection, can be use with everyone and in every situations. It can be consumed with alcoholic beverages. People with diabetes, high blood pressure that are unable to use any other erection stimulator can also use this product. It will last as long as 36 hours.

  • Nuru Gel Hard 250 ml.


    The hard edition of the water formula gel extracted from seaweed found in deep water is a formula with the highest level of smoothness and flow. This suits those who prefer the feeling of viscous and smoothness that can be found more than any other edition. It is easily absorbable and can perfectly nourish.  It…

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