Causes and Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

ED or also known as erectile dysfunction is referred to as the failure to achieve and sustain an erection long enough for a male to complete the sexual act to satisfaction. The result is a problematic sexual life which then directly affects one’s married life which eventually leads to sourced relationships. ED is also known as male sexual dysfunction or impotence and is a very common disorder, particularly among males beyond 40 years of age. It is estimated that almost half the males above 40 years old suffer from ED at least once. The severity of erectile dysfunction varies among men. The degree of severity ranges from complete erections that are lost soon after penetration to no erections at all even after sexual stimulation. Causes of Erectile Dysfunction It would be useful to know about how an erection occurs before knowing the causes of erectile dysfunction. When a person becomes sexually stimulated or aroused, the brain transmits signals to the nerves present in the penis. This results in an increased blood flow to the penis, which causes it to expand and become hard. Thus, anything that disrupts the function of the nervous system or the blood circulation could possibly lead to ED. Although there is no complete or exhaustive list of caused for erectile dysfunction, the most prominent or common ones have been discussed below. Neurological disorders and cardiovascular problems have been known to lead to erectile dysfunction. Hence their presence can trigger the condition. Conversely, erectile dysfunction may signal the onset or even the presence of cardiovascular or neurological issues. Moreover, drug or alcohol abuse, smoking, obesity, surgery and hormonal imbalance are also factors leading to male sexual dysfunction. Aging is a natural cause for most of the disorders and diseases and this remains true for erectile dysfunction also. Apart from the physical causes, many psychological factors are also responsible for ED. These include problematic relationship, excessive tiredness, apprehensions about sexual performance and depression. Psychological issues are predominantly a cause in relatively younger men. Sometimes, excessive cycling is believed to cause erectile dysfunction as there is prolonged pressure on the nerves and the blood vessels of the penis. The condition may also be caused due to a combination of physical factors, depending on the age of the individual. Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction
  • Counseling is probably the best treatment for psychological factors. Changing various factors like drug abuse, excessive alcohol usage, irregular food habits, and an unhealthy lifestyle would go a long way in restoring the sexual life of an individual. Counseling along with ED medication may prove to be immensely effective in treating the disorder.
  • Hormone replacement or replenishment is a way out but a low hormone level is a rarity in males. However, this will work more effectively when oral treatment such as Levitra, Cialis or Viagra are administered simultaneously.
  • Vacuum devices or the penis pump works to draw blood into the penis and helps maintain the flow. This results in a prolonged erection for a fulfilling sexual experience.
  • Surgery is the very last option to be considered, after all the other treatments have failed. The procedure is carried out by inserting artificial rods in the penis.
Discussed above are some of the effective and popular treatment methods of treating erectile dysfunction. Consult your doctor to find out which of these treatment methods will work best for you.