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  • Bond Men Intimate Wash (Ginseng Care)


    Intimate wash for men, special care formula Experience the new sensation and scent to increase your charm Wash and cleanse with IPMP (Anti-Bacteria Agent) that helps reduce the bacteria which is the cause of unwanted odor Added specially selected extract from ‘ginseng’ to specially care for men

  • Bond Men Intimate Wash (Gentle Nourisher)


    Nourish and balance the skin for softer and smoother looks, suitable for dry skin and sensitive skin, or uneven skin tone Sensitive and does not include any ingredient from soap which is the cause of dry skin and irritation Contain “moisture-24”, “Vitamin B-3”, and “Glycerin” that helps maintain the moist and balance the skin tone…

  • Bond Men Intimate Wash (Menthol Cooler)


    Give the feeling of cleanliness and freshness after each use. Be confidence in your manpower!